All Natural Environment-friendly and Antibacterial Plant Dyeing Yarn

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In 2019, Shandong Mingfu Dyeing Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Textile University reached a cooperation on plant dyeing and officially signed a project.

With the joint efforts of the scientific research teams of both parties, through continuous research and development and repeated experiments, the innovative integration of vegetable dyes and modern dyeing technology has achieved a major breakthrough. And passed the certification of the Swiss SGS testing agency, the antibacterial, antibacterial and anti-mite effects are as high as 99%. We named this major breakthrough Natural Dye.

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Natural dyeing refers to the use of natural flowers, grasses, trees, stems, leaves, fruits, seeds, bark, and roots to extract pigments as dyes. Natural dyes have won the love of the world for their natural hue, insect-proof and bactericidal effects, and natural fragrance. The natural dye R&D team of Wuhan Textile University, according to the shortcomings of plant dyes, started from the extraction of plant dyes, the research of plant dyeing process and the development of auxiliaries. After years of hard work, they have overcome the poor stability, poor fastness and The problem of poor reproducibility in the dyeing process has achieved large-scale production.

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Some of the dyes in plant dyeing are precious Chinese herbal medicines, and the dyed colors are not only pure and bright, but also soft in color. And its biggest advantage is that it does not hurt the skin and has a protective effect on the human body. Many plants used to extract dyes have the function of medicinal herbs or evil spirits. For example, the dyed grass dyed blue has the effect of sterilization, detoxification, hemostasis and swelling; Dye plants such as saffron, safflower, comfrey, and onion are also commonly used medicinal materials in the folk. Most of the plant dyes are extracted from Chinese medicinal materials. During the dyeing process, their medicinal and fragrance components are absorbed by the fabric together with the pigment, so that the dyed fabric has special medicinal and health care functions for the human body. Some can be antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and some can promote blood circulation. Removing stasis, so textiles made with natural dyes will become a development trend.

We inject natural dyes into new technology, adopt modern equipment, and speed up its industrialization. We believe that natural dyes will make the world more colorful.

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