Antibacterial And Skin-friendly Bamboo Cotton Blended Yarn

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Bamboo-cotton blending is made by mixing bamboo pulp fiber and cotton fiber. Bamboo pulp fiber has a special hollow tubular structure, which has the characteristics of soft hand feeling, bright luster, good antibacterial properties, fast moisture absorption and dehumidification, and excellent air permeability. Natural antibacterial, antibacterial, anti-mite, deodorant and anti-ultraviolet functions, it is a real natural and environmentally friendly green fiber, and it is an excellent material for making summer clothing fabrics.

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Bamboo pulp fiber has smooth surface, no crimp, poor fiber cohesion, low initial modulus, poor shape retention and body bone, so it is suitable for blending with natural fibers such as cotton or synthetic fibers.

Product Advantage

In the process of producing bamboo fiber yarn, patented technology is adopted to make it antibacterial and bacteriostatic, cutting off the transmission route of bacteria through clothes. So using it to weave items can also take full advantage of the advantages of bamboo fiber.

Bamboo cotton fabric has high brightness, good dyeing effect, and is not easy to fade. In addition, its smoothness and fineness make this fabric look very beautiful, so it is favored by consumers, and the demand for products is increasing year by year.

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Product Application

Bamboo cotton yarn is used in clothing fabrics, towels, mats, bed sheets, curtains, scarves, etc. It can be blended with vinylon to produce light and thin clothing fabrics. Bamboo fiber products are fluffy and light, lubricated and delicate, soft and light, with a soft feeling like cotton, smooth feeling like silk, soft and close-fitting, skin-friendly, and good drapability. It is suitable for making sportswear, summer clothes and intimate clothing.

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